Art Talk

Last night was LOVE. Had some wine and got candid about artivism, photojournalism and my story. I appreciate everyone who came out and Lector Social Club for hosting!


I’ve slowed down a bit since I got back from Cuba. Taking a moment to decompress and reflect on traveling out the country for the first time. One thing I didn’t realize is how much your perspective of the world changes. We are afforded many luxuries in America. Some I believe, are toxic to spirit. …

Save the date!

New ADVENTURES! I will be having my FIRST artist talk about the importance of photojournalism and art! Art has moved people to stand up and create change throughout revolutionary movements past and present . Do not doubt your creative power! Join me for a chat 11.30 6-8 pm!


I named her ladybug... This post is not to brag but to show that your passions can help you get the things you desire. I’m so SO happy and grateful for this moment.

Snaps From The Mag

The first series featured in The Fire Inside Magazine is the Black Women's March that took place in Miami FL. It was organized by beautiful people at The Miami Workers Center. I felt I had to be present because I have never heard of a such a march specifically made FOR black women. It was …